Welcome to the Future of Team Productivity.

We were tired. We were tired of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and missed deadlines. We loathed being pinged by teammates for yet another update as much as they loathed having to ping us. Yet we all needed that update, that deadline, that deliverable.

‍All that mental noise technology creates… we did something about it. 

We built a machine, not to replace humans but to supplement them. Let the machine manage the work, we said.

In doing so, we found ourselves free.

Free to communicate. Free to create. Free to deliver. Free to focus on the relationships within our team while we trust the machine to keep us updated, in sync, and on track.

Then we noticed something: our machine wasn’t all that different from us. It performed a role just like us. It had, in fact, become a valuable teammate.

So we gave it a name.

The first project management app,

built exclusively for Slack.

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A digital project manager for your entire team

  • collects status updates and keeps everyone informed
  • focuses project priorities and drives blocked tasks to resolution
  • monitors your team’s progress, velocity, and health

Proactive project management

  • detects overdue and at-risk tasks and projects
  • prioritizes and schedules your projects
  • automatically reports your status to your teammates

Built exclusively for messaging platforms

  • no usernames, no passwords, just log in to Slack
  • updates all teammate’s tasks and projects in real time
  • attention protective, no onslaught of real-time notifications

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Paid plans launch next year.

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