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Knowledge base

Learn more about raiya, it's features, and how to boost your team's productivity

Launchpad and Creating Projects and Tasks

Learn how to set up your projects and tasks from Raiya’s Launchpad


Document your work data, from deadlines on a calendar, to status updates from teammates in a shared view and keep the focus on decisions and not discussions

Check In

Discover how Raiya’s proactive project management streamlines your workday by tracking your progress and sharing updates with your team

Notification Subscriptions

Raiya eliminates notification spam by following only the tasks and projects that are important to you


Learn more about how Raiya’s Omnibar is the ultimate shortcut for search, navigation, help and other project management actions

Gantt Charts

View status, projects and tasks across your entire team in Gantt Chart format from Raiya’s Launchpad

Collaborative Planning

Harness your team’s collective knowledge and move work forward, without emails, spreadsheets and chasing status updates, with Raiya’s real-time collaborative planning